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Nikelle is a graphic designer/art director living in Raleigh, NC.

As a child, Nikelle imagined that she would become a Mission Specialist on the space shuttle Endeavor. After 3 trips to Space Camp, Nikelle had to retire her dream of space travel due to severe myopia…. Genetics 1, Nikelle 0. 

Determined not to let poor eyesight get in her way, Nikelle moved on to pursue her other passion: design. She received a BFA degree in Graphic Design from North Carolina State University's College of Design and later, a MFA degree from CalArts. After 6 years of university studies, she can safely say she is skilled in both the art of typography and paying back student loans. 

Nikelle worked at Stripe LA, Anomaly NY, Droga5, J.Crew and Kate Spade Saturday. She worked for clients such as Umbro, Manchester City Football Club, Converse, Puma, and the culinary brand, Avec Eric. Her work on Avec Eric earned her a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Title sequence and Graphic Design. Nikelle has been published in Typography 29, The Type Directors Club Annual and was a recipient of the Emerging Design Talent award by the AIGA of Los Angeles. 

When Nikelle is not busy designing interfaces and logos, she likes to perfect what she would say to Tina Fey if they ever actually met. Her other pastimes include tightening her core, quoting her mother and rearranging a box of 96 Crayons.